Diagnostic Testing & Services


When pathology testing is required for your pets we can receive results by facsimile machine often in less than four hours. Due to the proximity of our Fullarton practice to the major diagnostic laboratory in South Australia urgent samples are delivered immediately by us to Idexx or Gribbles for rapid analysis.


Ultrasound examinations are performed at the Fullarton practice and provide a noninvasive diagnostic tool used to evaluate internal organs and tissue structure. Ultrasonography evaluates these through size, shape, location, internal structure, and differences in density. In addition to the urogenital and gastrointestinal organ systems, the liver, spleen, numerous other organs, and the status of a pregnancy can be safely evaluated.


We offer radiography facilities and the x-rays are developed on the premises. These services include skeletal and soft tissue studies as well as specialized contrast studies. All of our radiographs are evaluated in-house and may be sent to a specialist veterinary radiologist for review. This provides us with a timely and accurate diagnostic interpretation of each study. 


We have ECG machines for monitoring electrical conduction in the heart. Cardiology entails many areas of diagnosis and treatment of heart problems. The cardiac services typically can include a physical exam, thoracic radiographs, an electrocardiogram (ECG), laboratory blood analysis, an ultrasound examination. This helps us evaluate and advise treatment options for these patients.