Cryosurgery is in effect controlled frostbite.

Cryosurgery is in effect controlled frostbite.

The aim of Cryosurgey is to destroy unwanted tissue by freezing it several times.

Dr Craig Bird & Ceci (German Short Haired Pointer)

In the case of Squamous Cell Carcinomas that are a result of sun damage we need to remember that because there has been enough exposure to the sun to trigger the cancer to develop, it is not uncommon to have more carcinomas develop later on.

The earlier we can treat them with Cryosurgery the easier it is to get a satisfactory response.

After cryosurgery your pet will be fairly sleepy. The wound will look angry for the next few weeks. This is normal. A scab will develop over the Cryosurgery site. This will then come away and will be replaced by another scab. This process will occur several times. Finally all that will remain is a nice healthy bed of scar tissue where the lesion originally was.