Arthritis is a disease condition affecting the joints. The cartilage lining the joint is worn down, causing pain.

Generally arthritis is worse at the start of the day and improves as the day progresses - the joint warms up and hence loosens up.

Symptoms of arthritis may include:

  • Pain or stiffness when getting up or down;
  • Your pet cannot climb steps anymore;
  • "Laziness" on walks may be arthritic pain

Anti-inflammatory Treatments act by providing pain relief. However, they have little effect on cartilage degradation - the cause of arthritic pain.

Cartophen Injection acts to protect the joint cartilage by: Limiting cartilage degradation; Promoting cartilage formation; Improving the joint fluid; Improving blood supply to the joint, in turn helping it heal; By virtue of the other actions, provides pain relief.
We recommend Cartrophen as a treatment for arthritis. It is effective in 80% of dogs with arthritis. A course over a month of weekly injections is all that is required. The injections are painless and just given under the skin like a vaccination. This ensures the effect lasts generally 4 - 12 months. If Cartrophen is not effective in improving quality of life then daily doses of Anti inflammatory drugs may be needed.