Cat Boarding

We offer short stay on-site cat boarding for our clients at the Glen Osmond Road Fullarton clinic.

Our dedicated nurses take care to ensure that your cat's stay is as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

If you have two cats they can stay together, or be housed separately if you wish.

Cats are fed Science Diet dry food twice daily. If your cat is a fussy eater or on a special diet then please advise our nurses and this can be easily accommodated. Please feel free to bring in the food that your cat most prefers.
If your cat has any special needs - for example a medical condition - then medication can be given whilst in boarding. There is a small extra charge for this. If your cat needs any veterinary attention whilst in boarding please advise the nurses when you drop off your cat.
Cats can become anxious when in boarding as they are creatures of habit and dislike being taken out of their normal environment. We often find that cats will eat poorly for their first day in boarding but usually settle by the following day.