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Fullarton Vet Clinic
210 Glen Osmond Road

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Cross Road Vet Clinic
181 Cross Road

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About Us - myVet Bird & Smith Veterinary Clinics - Glen Osmond Rd, Fullarton | Cross Road, Westbourne Park

About the Practice

Craig Bird in partnership with David Lindsay has provided veterinary care and treatment at our Fullarton and Westbourne Park veterinary practices for the past 24 years.

In 2007 Dr Hilton Smith joined the practice and the new partnership of Bird & Smith - My Vet was created. Hilton brings to the practice a fresh perspective and offers a particular interest in dermatology and animal behaviour.

David continues to consult at both clinics on a regular basis.

Our Commitment to the Care of your pets

We are sensitive to the bond that exists between pets and their owners. The veterinarians, having worked together for over 15 years work as a team caring for all of our patients and offer a unique continuity of care for our clients. Our entire staff are pet owners adding an extra dimension to our care of your pets.

Our doctors will give you daily reports on your pets during their stay and complete instructions for home care when they are released. For many cases we provide literature which gives you a more thorough understanding of the illness, its treatment and prognosis.

Our aim is to provide a diagnostic and surgical unit that would adequately service a rural community medical practice for humans. We believe your pet deserves no less and that our facilities meet many of the criteria.

Our experienced nursing staff are here to help. If you have pet related problems please do not hesitate to contact us

When your pets are admitted for surgery or diagnostics you will discover that Bird & Smith MyVet Veterinary Clinics have access to the following equipment:

  • X-ray machines versatile enough to penetrate the largest of dogs and the slightest of cats
  • Ultrasound for soft tissue diagnosis
  • ECG for monitoring heart function
  • Ultra sonic tooth scaler for dental hygiene
  • Sigmoidoscope used to examine the rectum and oesophagus for lesions or obstructions
  • Autoclave to sterilise surgical packs (all surgery cases are treated with newly autoclaved instruments)
  • In this practice each patient is injected with new syringes, which are discarded after use
  • Cryosurgery unit used to remove skin cancers
  • Gas anaesthetic machines with electronic respiratory monitors for enhanced anaesthetic safety
  • Humid cribs used to treat shock in smaller patients
  • Synthes (which we think is the top of the range) orthopaedic surgery equipment for repair of fractured bones
  • Operating microscope makes eye and eyelid surgery that much easier to perform, and the standard microscope is essential for the laboratory tests that we perform on site
  • Medicines are dispensed in tamper proof bottles or packs to your family. Return old drugs and we will arrange for destruction
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